Commercial Energy Customers Get Better Comparison for Electricity Rates

Published: September 13, 2017


Most customers shopping for a commercial electricity price comparison want as many choices and a fair comparison to choose from as possible. Many brokers can present customers with an electricity rate for businesses and claim to source it from multiple suppliers. Most companies have to pull that data from 30+ excel spread sheets. Do they really? Do they do it accurately? Introducing our Matrix Analysis Tool and Tracker (MATT). MATT provides an apples to apples comparison across a multitude of suppliers – quickly and correctly.


Our price desk sources the best business energy supply pricing accurately from multiple suppliers within minutes. Other brokers and energy advisors may say they give you an apples to apples commercial electric price comparison, and they might. To do that they would need to open 20-30+ excel spreadsheets – not very efficient. Most likely they pick the suppliers in your area that they know the best, that they think might have the best pricing. Unfortunately, this doesn’t allow for swings in the market, or a place that a particular supplier might have a sweet spot.


A tool that allows us to automate the process, means our customers will have a complete pricing overview done accurately and looking for the best place in the market. It’s methodical, it’s automated, it looks across multiple suppliers, and multiple terms to find our customers the best rate.


MATT is just one of the tools that helps set us apart from other energy advisories. Want to learn more, visit:


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