Diversegy Case Study - Commercial Building

Published: September 1, 2017



The property management company had an estimated savings of $60,000 over the term of the agreement - that’s 15% of supply cost.

Challenge: The management company had recently built 2 new office complexes from the ground up and was set up with the utility for supply. The properties had an annual energy usage of over 2.7 million kWh. With the ownership being commercial real estate experts and not energy experts, it wasn’t a high priority to complete a detailed review and identify savings.

Solution: After reviewing multiple months of invoices and knowing the advantageous timing of the market, Diversegy determined there was cost savings and budget certainty by moving the customer from the fluctuating utility rate to a fixed product with an alternative energy supplier. Diversegy leveraged their nationwide portfolio of over 35+ suppliers to identify the single outlier that provided the best pricing and contract terms for this type of customer.

Savings: Through Diversegy’s negotiation efforts, the client was able to reduce their utility expenses by an estimated $30,000 annually, or $60,000 over the term of the agreement. That translated into more than a 15% reduction in their supply costs.


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