Diversegy Case Study - JCC

Published: September 8, 2017


Challenge: The mission of the local Jewish Community Center (JCC) in Washington, D.C. is to provide social, recreational, educational and cultural programs for individuals and families through all phases of life. However, since it survives largely on donations and member dues, reduction
of operational costs is critical to the ongoing success of programs. Our client worked to find efficiencies using other energy service providers, and realized little success. As a result, the JCC was skeptical of Diversegy successfully completing any favorable cost-saving analysis.

Solution: With no cost or obligation, and nothing to lose, the JCC was open to one last review. It was clear they were spending $5,000/month on the distribution side and $8,000/month
on the electricity supply slide with a total utility spend for power over $150,000 on an annual basis. Diversegy went to work. Engaging both local and national suppliers, including the JCC’s incumbent supplier, Diversegy produced an executive level energy analysis that highlighted their current position, potential risks, and future cost savings along with recommendations that demonstrated the potential for savings.

The Bottom-Line: Diversegy leveraged their relationships with the top 35+ suppliers to reduce the JCC’s operational energy spend by more than 10% annually. Needless to say, the JCC was thrilled with over $15,000 in annual savings of free, found money to cover their program costs.

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