Why Do I Need an Energy Advisor?

Published: July 16, 2014

Deregulated energy is a double-edged sword. On the one hand it provides an enormous opportunity for you to save money. On the other, it’s a full time job keeping an eye on the market, sifting through the offerings and options available, determining an effective strategy and negotiating with suppliers. You also need to understand the complexities of the industry, including energy terminology and practices. It can be a daunting, even overwhelming, situation. That’s why it is no surprise that the majority of companies are underrepresented in the energy procurement process. You do not have the resources to become energy experts. However, blindly renewing a contract year on year without insight is not a viable option. It could end up costing you up to 40% more than your competitor. It’s like putting money into their war chest!

An influx of marketing agents masquerading as energy consultants is causing widespread annoyance and mistrust. These agents are sales people working for the supplier, not for you. Even if you decide to take on the energy procurement process, without an energy broker on your side you could remain confused and not make the best decision. This could lead to needlessly wasting a vast amount of time and money when you could be dedicating your time to growing your business.

Diversegy has the knowledge, expertise, experience and relationships to get you the desired results. Our senior management team has a combined brain trust of more than 100 years. Our CEO alone was responsible for building one of the fastest growing companies in the energy space. Our management team, consultants, and analysts are all seasoned professionals and possess extensive energy backgrounds. We are fully equipped to navigate the complexities of the market with ease and, more importantly, mitigate unnecessary risks while alleviating the administrative burden associated with energy transactions.

We monitor the market, manage the procurement process and solve issues with suppliers. We vet our suppliers to make sure they meet our due diligence requirements. Only those that met our exacting standards can participate in the bidding pool and compete. The cheapest decision is not always the best. We look at their customer service department, industry best practices, financial stability, and management team. Diversegy works diligently on your behalf to get the best price. Not only will we secure a better price and favorable contract terms now, we will develop a strategy to manage overall cost and avoid risk in the long run. We also look internally to increase energy efficiency in your business.

Bottom line, as your trusted energy advisor, we know how to work with the favorable and unfavorable changes and will adapt your energy strategy as they occur. As your representative, you can rest assured that we will continue to protect your business interests and ensure your supplier is the best overall solution for YOUR individual energy requirements!

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