Welcome to Diversegy, Patrick!

Published: September 13, 2017

Patrick M. Gallagher

Vice President of Sales

Patrick Gallagher joins Diversegy with over 12 years experience in the deregulated energy industry. With his vast expertise in helping customers source the best possible pricing for commercial energy supply, Patrick is a valuable asset. Not only will he continue helping customers while leveraging the products, tools, and exceptional support staff that Diversegy has to offer, he will help Diversegy’s continued expansion as we find more ways to support customer’s energy needs.

“I’ve been extremely happy with my career thus far, but it was joining the Diversegy team that really set me on the right track. I have always said, ‘Don’t worry about it. Everything always figures itself out.’ and Diversegy, with their amazing support and sales techniques, is on the brink of expansion and I am excited to learn from this incredible team.”

Prior to joining the Diversegy team, Patrick worked with a few other energy companies supporting customer energy decisions from small stores through Fortune 500 companies. He thrives on the idea that hard work pays off and if, “We put in the work, we will get results.” We are excited to have him join us with his knowledge of the energy market and a passion to educate, energize and earn with our sales team. Patrick holds a Bachelors of Science from Fordham University Class and lives in Stamford, CT. In his spare time he enjoys metal detecting. Welcome to the team Patrick!

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