Atlantic City Electric – New Jersey: Know your Utility

Published: September 20, 2017

Atlantic City Electric 


Atlantic City Electric was first incorporated in 1924 and its service territory spreads over 2,700 square miles, predominately in the south New Jersey area. The utility owns the infrastructure that brings energy to your location; you do not have a choice as to who your utility is. However, customers of ACE do have the choice as to who they purchase the actual energy consumed (supply) and can choose a third party supplier, or ESCO (Energy Services Company).

  • How do I find the best rate for me?
    • You can find a list of all licensed third party suppliers in your area, reach out to every one of them, request pricing, and compare. But you would be missing a few key pieces. Are they including GRT/SUT? Did they price the same day? Prices change daily. What does their contract say? Are they reputable? Is the price for consolidated billing or dual billing? OR Contact us for a free complimentary analysis today.
  • Does it cost money to switch suppliers?
    • No, it does not.
  • Who should I call about outages and repairs?
    • You should still call your utility for any emergencies or outages.
  • What is the difference between a utility and a third party supplier?
    • The utility is who supplies it through wires and poles to your building, a supplier is who purchases the actual energy you consume
  • When does the Utility change their rates?
    • Atlantic City Electric changes their rates quarterly, with the exception of certain sized businesses and entities.
      • For Monthly General Service Secondary – Quarterly
      • For Monthly General Service Primary – Quarterly
      • For Annual General Service Secondary – Quarterly
      • For Annual General Service Primary – Quarterly
      • For Direct Distribution Control – Bi-Monthly
      • For Street Lighting – Approx. Bi-Monthly (depending on time of year and weather)
    • Are there any taxes included in the energy supply cost?
      • Yes, for this particular utility, there are taxes for your energy supply cost. These are called tariffs. For more information on the tariffs for this utility, please reference the energy tariffs section via this link:
    • What is GRT/SUT?
      • GRT stands for Gross Receipts Tax. It is included with the energy rate to compute the total charge.
      • SUT stands for Sales and Use Tax. It is a tax that specifically affects customers in New Jersey. It is included with the energy rate to compute the total charge.
    • Do all suppliers include GRT/SUT?
      • No, not all suppliers price with GRT/SUT. It’s important to know which do and which do not to have a true apples-to-apples comparison. Diversegy always provides a true comparison inclusive of all costs for their customers.
    • How many suppliers are in the New Jersey market?
      • There are many suppliers in the New Jersey energy market. Some serve all rate classes of customers, and some specialize in small/medium or large customer classes. Diversegy only works with reputable companies and will match you with energy suppliers that serve your market and rate class.
    • Do Atlantic City Electric energy taxes fluctuate?
    • What has the pricing been in the past for Atlantic City Electric?
      • Electricity prices for ACE have increased overall throughout the past year (2016-present). Every rate class is different so please make sure you are aware of your rate class to accurately price your new rates.
    • What is the benefit of working with a energy advisor like Diversegy?
      • We help businesses in the commercial, industrial, and municipality sectors reduce cost, mitigate risk, and improve their bottom line by incorporating an energy strategy into their business. While other brokers could do the same, with our state-of-the-art technology and techniques, we can get you what you need faster than ever before.
    • Does ACE have any efficiency rebates or programs?
      • Yes! ACE has an Energy Wise Reward Program that allows its customers to enjoy cost savings by allowing ACE to remotely control your HVAC levels the customers selected.
      • Other programs include The New Jersey Clean Program
    • Why shouldn’t I stay with ACE?
      • You could stay with ACE, but having a third party supplier could help reduce costs and offer additional price products that Atlantic City Electric does not. Your service will still be provided by ACE. Please click on the free analysis button below to receive your complimentary energy analysis to see if having a third party supplier is what’s best for you.




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