Is there light in the darkness? Post hurricane season | solar plus storage for home or business

Published: September 27, 2017

Hurricane season 2017 has already devastated much of the south east coast. The hurricanes have left many of the residents of Texas and Florida without power after Irma and Harvey. Although many homes and businesses have back-up generators, many do not; plus they require gas – often a scarce commodity. Technology has impacted our lives – businesses cannot run, communication is at a standstill and even gas cannot pump. Access to power is essential to provide necessities to communities.


According to an article by Peter Kelly-Detwiler, published on, After Irma: Solar Plus Storage – A Small Beacon of Light in a Sea of Darkness, there may be a light in the darkness post 2017 Hurricane season. Thanks to solar panels and an investment in a 10-kilowatt hour energy storage system, you could still have power even when your neighbors don’t. No external generator to haul out of the garage and pray that it works this time.


Diversegy believes in helping businesses reduce cost, mitigate risk, and improve their bottom line by implanting an energy strategy that includes products such as solar panels. Adding this storage component to existing solar array systems allows businesses to store power, for when the power goes out (as well as nighttime).


Unlike traditional generators that must be charged beforehand, this in-house system continues to generate power and store immediately after the storm. According to the article, “the system provides a home with a stead supply of electrons. It’s not enough to keep the air conditioning running” it will power your fridge and outlets until “the world returns to normal.”


Will you protect your business in the event of power outage? Is it important for your community to stay up and running? In additional to battery solutions, Diversegy offers other solutions like a potable solar charger, to serve your energy needs – even in the event of a power outage.



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