Voltage vs Currents

Published: August 8, 2017

High voltage signs are everywhere. You see them on electrical fences and your local electrical plant. But did you know that although these signs mean “DANGEROUS DON’T GO NEAR ME,” exposure to high voltage doesn’t kill you normally? According to Joel Crouch though in this article written on Quora, electrical currents are actually what’s dangerous and not voltage. 

It is a common thread to mix up voltage and currents. In fact, voltage sounds more dangerous than currents. It all depends though on the resistant of the body and how the voltage is applied. If you have an open wound or your skin is wet, these currents will cause your heart to beat irregular.

A common example is being struck by lightning. There are people who have been struck by lightning and told the tale but it is those struck when they are wet that normally don’t. That is because your heart is more durable when your skin is exposed to less reacting elements like water.

Read all about it further here.

Disclaimer: We do not recommend touching anything high voltage without the proper protective equipment and personnel.

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