South Jersey Gas – New Jersey: Know your Utility

Published: October 24, 2017


South Jersey Gas (SJG) is a prominent natural gas utility for the southern part of New Jersey. SJG services all of Atlantic, Cape May, Cumberland and Salem counties, as well as parts of Burlington, Camden and Gloucester counties. This utility has been providing natural gas to residential and commercial customers for over 100 years and is headquartered in Folsom, NJ.


The utility owns the energy grid, lines and meters to your location. However, customers of South Jersey Gas have the choice of purchasing the natural gas consumed (supply) from a third party supplier, or in some areas an ESCO (Energy Services Company).


  • What is the difference between a utility and a supplier?
    • A Third Party Supplier supplies the energy your business consumes and the utility delivers it through wires and poles to your facility.
  • Does it cost money to switch your business to another supplier?
    • There is no cost to enroll with a third-party supplier. Provide basic information including two recent SJG bill copies and a signed LOA (a permission slip for us to look at your business’ energy usage) to Diversegy. Then we will get started on your free energy analysis.
  • How many energy suppliers are in the market?
    • There are A LOT of natural gas suppliers in the New Jersey energy market. Some serve all rate classes of customers, some specialize in small/medium and others only large customer classes. Diversegy only works with reputable commercial energy supply companies and will match you with energy suppliers that serve South Jersey Gas and your rate class.
  • How do I find the best rate for me?
    • Step 1: Find a list of all licensed third party suppliers in South Jersey Gas that serve your rate class. Step 2: reach out to every one of them. Step 3: request pricing. And finally, step 4: do a full rate comparison and choose which one that works best. But you would be missing a few key pieces. Are they including SUT? Did they price the same day? Did you know that energy prices could change daily? What does their contract say? Are they reputable? Is the price for consolidated billing or dual billing? OR Contact us for a free complimentary analysis today and we can do all that for you, without having to be on your payroll.
  • What is SUT?
    • SUT stands for Sales and Use Tax. It is a tax that specifically affects customers in New Jersey. It is included with the energy rate to compute the total charge.
  • Do all suppliers include SUT?
    • No, not all suppliers in all utilities present customers a price including SUT. The majority of New Jersey utilities include it. It’s important to know which do and which do not to have a true apples-to-apples comparison. Diversegy always provides a true comparison inclusive of all costs when applicable to their customers.
  • When does SJG change their rates?
    • South Jersey Gas changes gas rates monthly for the majority of commercial customers who have BGSS. However certain rate classes change annually (starting October 1st). The rate classes that change annually are RSG (residential) and GSG (commercial under 5,000 therms – small commercial) customers. All other customers change monthly.
  • What is BGSS?
    • BGSS stands for Basic Gas Supply Service Charges. It is the rate that is selected by the utility when a consumer does not select to purchase their utility from a third party supplier.
  • Are there any taxes included in the supply cost of energy?
    • Yes, for South Jersey Gas, there are taxes for your commercial energy cost. These are called tariffs. For BGSS Commercial for example, there are tariffs on energy and capacity. Tariffs vary for natural gas sometimes by rate class and other times by supply charge. For more information on the tariffs for SJG per commodity, please reference the tariffs section.
  • Do commercial energy taxes fluctuate?
    • Yes, federal, state and local government taxes contribute to the cost of energy for your business. Natural Gas prices have risen over the past few years due to the increase price in original materials cost. For more information:
  • Historical information on pricing?
    • Commercial natural gas prices for South Jersey Gas have risen over the past year but have been stable for the most part. Every rate class is different so please make sure you are aware of your rate class to accurately price your new rates.
    • For more historical rate data through the last few years, click here.
  • Does South Jersey Gas have any efficiency rebates or programs?
    • Yes! SJG has a few energy efficiency products but so do we. Diversegy would be happy to perform a free analysis to see how your business could benefit from these incentives.
  • Who should I call about outages and repairs to my business?
    • You should still call South Jersey Gas. In case of a power outage, please call 1-800-582-7060. For more information on who to contact, click
    • Please note that South Jersey Gas services many different counties in New Jersey so please make sure you make clear your zip code to get the most accurate help.
  • Where do I pay my bill? Do I pay it with Diversegy?
    • You still pay your bill with South Jersey Gas. You do not pay us or go through us to pay your bills. Any questions on billing can be directed to the “Pay Your Bill” section of their website.
  • Will I be double charged by both SJG and the supplier I choose?
    • No, you will not be double charged. If you started off with the utility’s rates, your bill already has a supply and a distribution charge. Now that you are working with a third-party supplier, they will be the “supply” charge. The “distribution” charge will be the flat rate by the utility for the lines and poles to deliver your power. Nothing else will change.
  • What does my bill look like for South Jersey Gas?
    • Click here to see a common natural bill for SJG. Notice where the items on the bill are located that we need in order to do a full energy analysis for your business. These steps allow us to price to compare with over 35 third party energy suppliers.
  • What is the benefit of working with a company like Diversegy?
    • We help businesses in the commercial, industrial, and municipality sectors reduce costs, mitigate risk, and improve their bottom line by incorporating an energy strategy into their business. We offer a full energy rate comparison where we compare gas and electric rates from over 35 suppliers to help get you the best energy deal best suited for you and your business. While other brokers may do the same, with our state-of-the-art technology and techniques, we can get you what you need faster than ever before. Additionally, we offer a full suite of products and services to serve most of your commercial energy needs, including solar.
  • Why shouldn’t I stay with South Jersey Gas for energy supply?
    • You could stay with SJG, but having a third party supplier often helps reduce energy costs and offers price stability. The service to your business will still be provided by SJG, but the rate on your bill will be from a third party supplier. Please click on the free analysis button below to receive your complimentary commercial energy analysis to see if having a third party supplier is what’s best for you.





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