What are the benefits of working with an energy advisory?

Published: October 23, 2017


Budget certainty, cost savings, market fluctuations – there are many reasons to look at third-party suppliers for natural gas and electricity. But who provides the best rates? Who has favorable contract terms? Are you thinking of any energy efficiency programs? How does that effect your contract terms? Could you save energy but be hit with high ETFs (exchange-traded funds)? Does your company have green energy initiatives? Did you know we have simple solutions to help meet those goals? There are many options to developing an energy strategy and shopping for the best energy supplier; trying to compare them is not your priority. You don’t need to become an energy expert.


An energy broker or advisory can help! They help businesses, of all sizes and industry types, secure the best energy rates and contract terms with different product structures so energy choices do not have to be another burden on your business. An advisory like Diversegy, guides you in choosing the right third party supplier or ESCO (in some cases), who offer different rates and product types (i.e. fixed or index), that best suits your business allowing you to have more control over your energy expenses.


We do the heavy lifting for you. Our energy experts can shop from over 35 of the best energy suppliers to suit the needs of your business. We will handle the bill analysis, negotiating on your behalf, and initial contract review.


There are no more headaches or extensive research.


Diversegy helps businesses in the commercial, industrial, and municipality sectors reduce costs, mitigate risk, and improve their bottom line by incorporating an energy strategy into their business. With Diversegy’s state-of-the-art technology and techniques, we can get you what you need faster than ever before. Additionally, we offer a full suite of products and services to serve most of your commercial energy needs, including solar and LED upfitting.


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