Solar Case Study - House by the Side of the Road

Published: October 25, 2017



Challenge: The client, House by the Side of the Road (HBTSOTR), a garden center located in New Hampshire, wanted to go solar but didn’t know where to start. The paperwork, process, finding the right integrator and financing was overwhelming.

Solution: With a general understanding of the customer’s goals and two recent bill copies, Diversegy was able to provide a free, custom analysis illustrating the advantages of going solar. We determined the appropriate size, the ability of the building to handle the system, financing options, and potential tax incentives. Diversegy matched HBTSOTR with the highest quality integrator that provided the best possible value to HBTSOTR.

Savings: HBTSOTR, with the help of Diversegy, was able to realize a break even point of 4 years. With the amount of tax credits and rebates available to the customer by going solar, HBTSOTR will receive a tax credit of $13,882, over and above the cost of the system. Over the next 25 years, the client will generate 1,176,688 kWh of power. At approximately $0.12 per kWh (with utility rates predicted to increase by 4% annually) the arrays production is projected to be worth $246,627, that would otherwise be paid to the utility, now stays in the HBTSOTR’s pocket.

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