Natural Gas Opportunity and The Ideal Customer

Published: December 15, 2017

Energy deregulation is the power to choose an energy supplier and take charge of your energy. It is currently offered, to some degree, in 26 states across the US. Stretching from the northeast to the sunny beaches of California, many business owners have the ability to switch their electricity and natural gas supplier from the utility to a third-party supplier.


Energy deregulation within the natural gas market has the largest opportunity for growth as more states are deregulated in Natural Gas than Electricity, especially in the Midwest. As a business owner, your gas bills add up, especially in the winter months. The gas market fluctuates based on supply, demand, and storage levels. Weather is a large factor in price (check out our latest gas market update).


What does that mean for you? By staying with the utility, gas prices will be subject to all market fluctuations. Mitigating usage will only help so much – and is often not feasible while operating the business. By working with an energy advisory like Diversegy, we can help you take advantage of the lows and highs in a market. In the summer months when prices are low, you may want to take advantage of an index price. While in the winter months, customers often fix all or a portion of their natural gas consumption, allowing for stability through the winter months (December through March).


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