Solar Panel Breakdown | What makes up a solar panel?

Published: December 19, 2017

Going solar provides business cost savings, price stability, and reduces impact on the environment. With the federal tax rebate and state specific incentives available in many areas, going solar offers a quick ROI, in addition to long-term savings! Ever wondered how a solar panel produces electricity?


A solar panel is made up of several components. The main components are photovoltaic cells, solar module, inverter and the junction box – and of course, the sun! The sun produces photons. These photons are then captured and absorbed by silicon layers within the cells in the panel. Once absorbed, the electrons are released from the photons by way of the silicon layers.


A solar cell then captures these electrons and allows them to flow along conductors within the photovoltaic cells (PV) and converts it to electricity. Photovoltaic cells, or PV for short, are electrical devices that use a physical and chemical reaction (photovoltaic effect) to turn the energy of light into electricity that powers your business.


The Solar Module is what holds the PV cells in place within the system itself.


This electricity is then transferred from the metal conductor strips that are holding the electricity within the PV cell to the inverter, which powers the junction box. The inverter converts the electricity produced by the PV cells into a utility frequency, alternating current (or AC), that is then used to feed into your commercial electrical grid. In other words, the AC goes through the junction box of your solar system then through a system of wires into your local electrical grid.


The junction box is powered by the electricity converted by the inverter and is the gateway between the panel and the wires that bring the electricity to the grid that powers your business.



Solar panels are the best way to produce electricity using a renewable resource you already have access to: the sun!


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